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Welcome and thank you for selecting a Merritt property for your new location.We are committed to providing the highest quality customer service and lookforward to assisting you with a smooth transition into your new space.In the following pages, we have attempted to answer many of the questionsfrequently asked by our customers. Additionally, we have presented informationrelevant to the sequence of events that follow the signing of your lease agreement.Our experienced and friendly employees look forward to assisting you. From nowand throughout your time as a Merritt customer, please feel free to reach out to anyof us should issues or questions arise. Thank you again for choosing Merritt.

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Customer ServiceOur business philosophy – one that always puts the customerfirst – is the foundation on which Merritt was built. At Merritt, weconsider your business our business. With us, you get morethan a space for your company, you also get a team ofexperienced professionals dedicated to providingpersonalized and flexible service.Unlike most developers today, we don’t use third-partymanagement firms. Instead, our dedicated Customer Serviceteam manages all of our properties and is available 24 hours aday, 365 days a year. This way, we can guarantee that yourbusiness will always receive the highest level of service.Each and every person at Merritt with whom we have worked hasperformed their job in a professional and conscientious mannerand has been a pleasure to work with. We could not be morepleased to be a tenant, and we look forward to our partnership formany years to come.CHARLES L. BURMANceobakery express1merritt properties

Because our employees are also owners of thecompany, every one at Merritt is equally andThe Merritt Difference»Skilled team of eight office and 47 fieldpersonnel»Customer Service team’s average tenurewith Merritt is over 11 yearsdisruptive, we’ve invested in training and»Emergency 24-hour on call servicetechnology that allow us to respond quickly and»Computer tracking of all customerrequests to ensure timely response andresolution»Non-emergency online Customer ServiceRequest Portal»In-house HVAC team»Investment in continuing educationprograms for Customer Serviceemployees, ensuring that we are able toassist customers in navigating complexissuesuniquely committed to delivering exceptionalservice and building long-term customerrelationships.Understanding that maintenance issues can beallow you to stay focused on your business. Whilemany companies promise a response within 24-48hours, our average response time is just 1.5 hours– including weekend and overnight calls. And, witha field team experienced in construction, roofingand HVAC, we are often able to resolve customerconcerns directly.Online Customer Service Request PortalTo offer a convenient platform and efficientservice, we have established an online CustomerService Request Portal which allows customers torequest general, non-emergency, maintenanceissues within your Merritt building. This also allowscustomers to check on the status of currentrequests and access their service log history. ToContact our Customer Service rties.comaccess the portal, visit the Merritt Propertieswebsite and look for “Service Request Portal”CUSTOMER ALERTSunder the Customer Resources tab. Should youTo effectively communicate with ourcustomer base, we send out emailsintermittently to inform you of happeningsat your building. Find out more and sign upat www.Merritt-Alerts.comhave an emergency or an issue that requiresimmediate attention, please contact our CustomerService department directly.merritt properties2

Prior to Move-InWhat to Expect & Customer ResponsibilitiesDepending on the terms of your lease, your space will beturned over to you “as-is”, or we will be performing previouslyagreed upon interior construction alterations that arereferred to in your lease. While interior construction isbeing completed, you will be given access to the space.Space Planning & Interior FinishesShould you choose to work with one of our in-house interiordesigners, they will meet with you one-on-one to make yourinterior finishes selection and assist with space planning. Wemaintain a full library of finish samples, and our staff willintegrate your choices with your space plan for a coordinateddesign effort. Please contact your Merritt leasingrepresentative to schedule an appointment.Interior ConstructionOur Interior Construction department will be given a copy ofyour agreed upon space plan, along with any improvementsthat are to be completed as part of your lease. This space planwill be used to apply for the required building permits. Ourinterior construction team will meet with any necessary subcontractors and develop a construction work schedule whilewaiting to secure the building permit(s).As work commences on your space, you will be kept apprisedof job status and informed of a targeted move-in date. Duringconstruction, please do not hesitate to contact your projectmanager.Please Note: Additions or changes to the improvements asdelineated in the lease will be the responsibility of thecustomer and may result in additional charges.3merritt properties

Access Cards (If Applicable)Please Note: Every low voltage electric device,Access cards for before or after-hours admittancesuch as phone and alarm systems, requires ato the building, and to any fitness center within thepermit. In the event your subcontractors do notpark, will be provided to you at no charge. Pleaseobtain a low voltage permit, delays in occupancyemail each employee’s first and last name to ourmay result.Customer Service department [email protected] If youWalk-Through Inspectionrequire additional cards or need to delete formerOnce the build-out of your space is complete, weemployees from the system, please let us know.will tour the space and create a “punch list”,identifying any items that require attention orLow Voltage (Cabling Wiring)correction. You may be asked to sign this list,All wiring associated with telephones, securityacknowledging your presence and our agreementsystems and computer lines are the responsibilityto correct any identified items. Merritt will makeof the customer, and Merritt can provide you with aevery attempt to complete any work as soon aslist of qualified vendors for these services.possible, typically within the first month ofoccupancy.In the event improvements are being done to thepremises, it is important that your vendors workclosely with our team and connection is madebetween the parties as soon as possible.A member of our construction group will put yoursubcontractor in touch with an electrician, who willhelp coordinate the total effort.merritt properties4

OccupancyPartnering to Meet Your NeedsMerritt will do everything possible to meet your targetedmove-in date. Exceptions to our track record include backorders and changes to the construction plan after a job hascommenced.We were looking for a space to foster a creative and collaborativeenvironment when we were introduced to Merritt Properties.From leasing to design to property maintenance, the folks atMerritt have listened and accommodated our requests.TRACI MIGLIORISIpresient & ceolotame5merritt properties

Scheduling Your MoveCustomer Service Portal at www.service.Please coordinate your move-in schedule with Your request will beCustomer Service Department at 410.298.2600.dispatched immediately to the appropriateMove-in during normal business hours is preferred.individual(s) who can address your concern.On or before your move-in date, Merritt will provideSprinkler Systemsyou with new door locks and keys. Please Note:Sprinkler systems in Merritt properties are testedyour company will have the only keys to your spacesemi-annually. Tests are performed under aand we do not provide or service deadbolts. It iscontractual agreement with Reliance Fireour policy not to enter your space withoutProtection. In addition, there is a five-year testpersonnel from your company being present.during which Merritt’s contractor will need accessto each space within the building.Commencement LetterMerritt will send you a detailed commencementSnow Removalletter following occupancy to confirm base rent,Snow removal is provided by Merritt and will beapplicable expenses and your actualbilled in accordance with your lease. Fenced-incommencement date.areas will not be serviced.Maintenance/Service CallsSmoking on the PremisesMerritt’s Customer Service Department isSmoking is prohibited directly outside any buildingresponsible for providing building maintenanceaccess door. For the comfort and safety of alland handling all service requests. In order tobuilding occupants and guests, please adhere toreceive the most efficient service, please callposted no-smoking signs and smoke in410.298.2600 and ask to speak with someone indesignated areas only.the Customer Service department or visit themerritt properties6

NotificationsPlease contact your leasing agent with anychanges to contact information so we canproperly notify you via email or phone in case ofan emergency. This is of critical importance, aswe do not have keys to your space and mayneed emergency access.Single-Stream Recycling ServiceThe single-stream recycling service allows youto add commingled recyclables to yourcardboard and paper container. Once collected,the materials are taken to a recycling site wherethey are sorted and processed appropriately.Acceptable Recycling Items:Non-Acceptable Recycling Items:»Cans (aluminum, tin, steel, empty aerosol, etc.)»Aluminum foil»Brown paper bags»Paper towels»Cardboard»Plastic grocery bags (return to supermarket)»Catalogs, magazines and phone books»Plastic wrap»Chipboard (cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc.)»Light bulbs»Paper (colored, computer, white ledger, etc.)»Porcelain or ceramics»Newspapers, envelopes and junk mail»Batteries»Plastic bottles and jugs»Film cannisters»Glass bottles and jars»Styrofoam»Painted or treated wood7merritt properties

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Lease AdministrationLease & Operating Expense PaymentYour monthly rent and operating expense check should bemade payable to Merritt Properties, LLC or as shown on yourlease agreement. Merritt does not invoice for rent. It will beyour responsibility to mail your payment prior to its due date.Merritt also offers the option to pay your rent electronically,deducted directly from an account you specify on the datedue.Please call Sherry Dull or Meg Truchon at 410.298.2600 if youare interested in signing up for an automatic deductionprogram.Certificate of InsuranceShould you have any questions about scheduling yourinsurance per Section 10 of your lease, please contact VickieDavis at 410.298.2600 or via email [email protected] you have secured your certificate of insurance, pleasemail a copy to:Vickie DavisMerritt Properties, LLC2066 Lord Baltimore DriveBaltimore, MD 212449merritt properties

Fire Safety & EvacuationBasic GuidelinesFire prevention and safety is the responsibility of everyone.During an actual emergency, the audible alarm, strobe lights andany announcements are intended to provide as much warningas possible of a potentially dangerous situation.If you spot fire, smoke or suspicious conditions:» Never open a door without first placing your palm againstthe door to feel for heat or warmth.» If an alarm is not sounding, pull a manual pull stationdown to activate the alarm system.» Do NOT attempt to fight a visible fire; only trainedpersonnel should ever attempt to extinguish a fire.» Never hesitate to call the Fire Department (911) in anemergency to report your observations.If an alarm sounds in your building:» Do not panic.» Proceed to the nearest exit orderly!» Be aware and alert.False AlarmsWhenever you hear an alarm bell or other signaling device or firealarm, do not try to evaluate the situation. All alarms are to beconsidered a true emergency, and it is the responsibility of alltenants to leave the premises.False alarms are a crime and as much of a nuisance to firepersonnel as it may be to us, but you cannot wait to verify thethreat of fire; by then, it may be too late. Do not risk your life forthe sake of a few minutes, evacuate!merritt properties10

Help prevent the nuisance of false alarms by understandingthat false alarms could cost lives. Report any suspicions offalse alarms and the possible culprit to the authorities.Physically Disabled IndividualsTo assist emergency personnel, please provide a list of anyonewho is physically limited in the ability to evacuate the buildingin an emergency, indicating on what floor s/he works. Emailthis list to [email protected] DrillsAll major Life Safety Codes require that periodic drills beexercised to ensure that all building occupants are familiarwith evacuation procedures. Fire drills are critical safetyexercises and should be trea