中文听说读Languages / ChineseThis new edition of Integrated Chineseis an outstanding achievement. Completewith interesting cultural notes, usefulauthentic materials, and a wealth ofinteractive exercises, the authors haveoutdone themselves AGAIN!As a lecturer in languages (Italian and French)for over 35 years, I would like to complimentyou on one of the very best sets of materialsI have ever used.—Dr. Madeleine Strong Cincotta (University of Wollongong)—Dr. Zoe Wu (Pasadena City College)LEVEL 1Covers the first year of studySystematically introduces over 350essential vocabulary wordsIntegrates interactive activities for practicing interpersonal, presentational, andinterpretive language skillsHelps learners build real-life communicative skills as they discuss everyday topicsand learn useful sentence structuresIncorporates a wealth of realia andauthentic materialsIncludes periodic review lessons forcumulative practicePositions pinyin texts close to Chinesecharacter texts so students can focus onspeaking and pronunciationThe Integrated Chinese series is a two-year course that includestextbooks, workbooks, character workbooks, audio recordings,multimedia resources, and teacher resources. Student materialsare available in both simplified and traditional character versions.Visit for more information, additionalonline resources, companion materials, and an interactive userforum.Simplified CharactersISBN 978-0-88727-670-5www.cheng-tsui.com9780887 2767059 0 0 0 0SimplifiedCharactersCheng & Tsui Chinese Language SeriesThe series provides coordinated practice in the four skills oflistening, speaking, reading, and writing, as well as additionalinsight into Chinese culture and society. Throughout the series,Integrated Chinese builds on the three modes of communication — interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational — to buildproficiency in using the Chinese language in real-life situations.Integrated Chinese develops language abilities while encouraging active use of the language within and beyond the classroom. Task-based questions and learning objectives areincluded in every lesson to help students take control ofdeveloping language proficiency and problem-solving skills.LEVEL 1 PART 2 TextbookPresents key grammatical structuresthrough clear and jargon-free explanationsCheng & Tsui’s best-loved Chinese textbook series is new,revised, and better than ever! Integrated Chinese is already theleading introductory Chinese textbook at colleges and universities around the world. The third edition of this time-tested serieshas been fully updated to meet the needs of today’s studentswith a full-color design, up-to-date vocabulary, enhancedcultural coverage, a diverse cast of characters, additionalcommunicative and interactive exercises, and a realisticstoryline linking all the dialogues and readings. Level 1 Part 2includes new sections “Recap and Narrate” (in the Textbook)and “Storytelling” (in the Workbook) for enhanced communicative practice. Integrated Chinese is ideally suited for studentswith diverse learning styles who want a comprehensive grounding in the Chinese language.INTEGRATED CHINESETEXTBOOKLEVEL 1 PART 2INTEGRATEDCHINESE中文听说读Textbook Simplified CharactersThird Edition by: Yuehua Liu and Tao-chung YaoNyan-Ping Bi, Liangyan Ge, Yaohua ShiOriginal Edition by: Tao-chung Yao and Yuehua LiuLiangyan Ge, Yea-fen Chen, Nyan-Ping Bi, Xiaojun Wang, Yaohua ShiTHIRD EDITION

Level 1 Part 2Integrated Chinese中文听说读写TEXTBOOK Simplified CharactersThird EditionThird Edition byYuehua Liu and Tao-chung YaoNyan-Ping Bi, Liangyan Ge, Yaohua ShiOriginal Edition byTao-chung Yao and Yuehua LiuLiangyan Ge, Yea-fen Chen, Nyan-Ping Bi,Xiaojun Wang, Yaohua ShiCHENG & TSUI COMPANYBoston

Copyright 2009, 2005, 1997 Cheng & Tsui Company, Inc.Third Edition / fourth printing April 2011All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronicor mechanical, including photocopying, recording, scanning, or any information storage or retrieval system, without writtenpermission from the publisher.All trademarks mentioned in this book are the property of their respective owners.16 15 14 13 12 11 4 5 6 7 8 9 10Published byCheng & Tsui Company, Inc.25 West StreetBoston, MA 02111-1213 USAFax (617)“Bringing Asia to the World” ISBN 978-0-88727-671-2— ISBN 978-0-88727-670-5 (pbk.)Cover Design: studioradia.comCover Photographs: Man with map Getty Images; Shanghai skyline David Pedre/iStockphoto; Building with masks Wu Jie; Night market Andrew Buko. Used by permission.Interior Design: Wanda España, Wee DesignIllustrations: 洋洋兔动漫Tai Chi photo, p. 252: JgremillotGreat Wall photo (left), p. 261: Marianna NataleGreat Wall photo (right), p. 261: Brian SnelsonLibrary of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication DataIntegrated Chinese: textbook traditional characters [Zhong wen ting shuo du xie]. Level 1. Part 2 / Yuehua Liu. [et al.] — 3rd ed.p. cm.Includes indexes.ISBN 978-0-88727-673-6 (trad. hbk.) — ISBN 978-0-88727-672-9 (trad. pbk.) — ISBN 978-0-88727-671-2(simp. hbk.) — ISBN 978-0-88727-670-5 (simp. pbk.)1. Chinese language—Textbooks for foreign speakers—English. I. Liu, Yuehua. II. Title: Zhong wen ting shuodu xie.PL1129.E5I683 2008495.1’82421—dc222008062321The Integrated Chinese series includes books, workbooks, character workbooks, audio products, multimediaproducts, teacher’s resources, and more. Visit for more information on the othercomponents of Integrated Chinese.Printed in Canada.

iiiThe Integrated Chinese SeriesTextbooks Learn Chinese language and culture through ten engaginglessons per volume. Includes dialogues and narratives, culture notes,grammar explanations, and exercises.Workbooks Improve all four language skills through a wide rangeof integrated activities that accompany the lessons in the textbook.Character Workbooks Practice writing Chinese characters and learnthe correct stroke order.Teacher’s Handbooks Create a successful language program withsample syllabi, lesson plans, classroom activities, sample tests andquizzes, and teaching tips.Audio CDs Build listening comprehension with audio recordingsof the textbook narratives, dialogues, and vocabulary, plus thepronunciation and listening exercises from the workbooks.The Integrated Chinese Companion Sitewww.integratedchinese.comFind everything you need to support your course in one convenient place. FREE teacher resources Password-protected answer keys Image gallery Links to previews and demos Supplementary readings Sentence drillsOnline WorkbookseTextbooksComplete the exercises fromthe printed workbooksusing a dynamic, interactiveplatform. Includes instantgrading and intuitive coursemanagement.Display these downloadableversions of the printedtextbooks on interactivewhiteboards or yourpersonal computer. Search,bookmark, highlight, andinsert notes.Textbook DVDsBuilderCardsWatch the IntegratedChinese story unfold withlive-action videos of thetextbook dialogues andcultural segments for eachlesson.Reinforce and buildvocabulary using flashcards.Features all essentialvocabulary from Level 1.Find other publications to supplement your Integrated Chinese course. See page xi for more information aboutgraded readers, listening comprehension workbooks, character guides, and reference materials.To order call 1-800-554-1963 or visit

ivContentsContentsPreface to the Third Edition.xiiiPreface to the Second Edition.xviiiScope and Sequence.xxiiAbbreviations of Grammatical Terms.xxviCast of Characters.xxviiLesson 11: Talking about the Weather1Learning ObjectivesRelate and Get ReadyDialogue I: Tomorrow’s Weather Will Be Even Better!.2Language Notes.2Vocabulary.4Grammar.61 Comparative Sentences with 比 (b ) (I)2 The Particle 了 (le) (III): 了 as a Sentence-Final Particle3 The Modal Verb 会 (huì, will) (II)4 Adj (一)点儿 ({yì} di nr)Language Practice. 11Dialogue II: The Weather Here Is Awful!. 18Language Notes. 18Vocabulary. 19Grammar. 215 The Adverb 又 (yòu, again)6 Adj/ V 是 (shì) Adj / V, 可是/但是 (k shì/dànshì )Language Practice. 23How About You?. 27Culture Highlights. 28English Text. 30Progress Checklist. 30Lesson 12: DiningLearning ObjectivesRelate and Get Ready31

ContentsDialogue I: Dining Out. 32Language Notes. 32Vocabulary. 35Grammar. 371 一 也/都 不/没 (yì.y /d u.bù/méi)2 Adverb 多/少 (du /sh o) V3 刚 (g ng) vs. 刚才 (g ngcái)4 Resultative Complements (I)5 好 (h o) as a Resultative ComplementLanguage Practice. 44Dialogue II: Eating in a Cafeteria. 49Language Notes. 49Vocabulary. 51Grammar. 536 Reduplication of Adjectives7 The Verb 来 (lái)Language Practice. 54How About You?. 58Culture Highlights. 59English Text. 61Progress Checklist. 62Lesson 13: Asking Directions63Learning ObjectivesRelate and Get ReadyDialogue I: Where Are You Off To?.