Unit 1 : Management Information SystemQ. 1. Information systems that monitor the elementary activities and transactions of the organizationsare :A) Management-level systemB) Operational-level, systemC) Knowledge-level systemD) Strategic level systemAns: AQ. 2. Projections and responses to queries are Information output characteristics associated with:A) DSSB) MISC) ESSD) TPSAns: CQ. 3. Summary transaction data, high-volume data, and simple models are information Inputscharacteristic of:A) DSSB) MISC) ESSD) TPSAns: BQ.4. Which of the following individuals typically have less formal, advanced educational degrees andtend to process rather than create information?A) Knowledge workersB) ExecutivesC) System analystsD) Data workersAns: DQ. 5. Management information systems usually:A) Serve managers interested in weekly, monthly, and yearly results, not day-to-day activities.B) Help managers make decisions that are unique, rapidly changing, and not easily specified in advance.C) Provide managers with a generalised computing and telecommunications capacity that can be appliedto a changing array of problems.D) Perform and record the daily routine transactions necessary to the conduct of business.Ans: AQ. 6. Identifying customers and markets using data on demographics, markets, consumer behaviour, andtrends is an example of :A) Operational-level sales and marketing information system.B) Knowledge-level sales and marketing information system.C) Management-Level sales and marketing information system.D) Strategic-level sales and marketing information systemAns: B

Q.7. Deciding where to locate new production facilities is an example of a manufacturing and productioninformation system operating at the:a) Operational levelb) Management levelc) Knowledge leveld) Strategic levelAns: DQ. 8. Preparing short-term budgets is an example of a finance and accounting Information systemoperating at the:a) Operational levelb) Management levelc) Knowledge leveld) Strategic levelAns: DQ. 9. Tracking employee training, skills, and performance appraisal is an example of a human resourceinformation system operating at the:A) Operational levelB) Management levelC) Knowledge levelD) Strategic levelAns: AQ. 10. Assembling a product, identifying customers and hiring employees are :A) TransactionsB) PhasesC) Business ProcessesD) Business FunctionsAns: CQ.11. Materials into intermediate and finished products, and distributing the finished products tocustomers?A) Production ChainB) Primary ChainC) Supply ChainD) Distribution chainAns: CQ. 12. Information systems can facilitate supply chain management by:A) Tracking the status of orders.B) Rapidly communicating orders,C) Providing product specifications.D) none all of the above.Ans: DQ. 13. Enterprise systems support:A) Manufacturing processes.C) Human resource processes.Ans: DB) Financial and accounting processes.D) All of the above.Q. 14. A computer security protocol for logging in would be an example of the component of aninformation system:A) softwareB) hardware

C) DataAns: DD) ProcedureQ. 15. Customer numbers and their names would be an example of the componentof an order management information system.A) softwareB) hardwareC) dataD) procedureAns: CQ. 16. The quality of your is a large part of the quality of your information system.A) computerB) thinkingC) timeD) challangesAns: BQ. 17. Which of the following is not a characteristic of good information?A) InterchangeabilityB) relevanceC) cost effectivenessD) timelinessAns: AQ. 18. If you are a recipient of sensitive information such as might be overheard orcontained in a misdirected email, this would not be legal, but-might be unethical to use it .A) activeB) PassiveC) properD) businessAns: BQ.19. A human order taker can be bypassed when using .A) Office automation systemB) Management information systemC) Transaction processing systemD) Decision support systemAns: CQ. 20. Data mining cannot be done ifA) operational data has not been archivedB) earlier management decisions are not availableC) the organisation is largeD) all processing had been only batch processingAns: AQ. 21. On-line transaction processing is used whenI) it is required to answer random queriesii) it is required to ensure correct processingiii) all files are available on-lineIv) all files are stored using hard disk.

A) i, iiC) ii, iii, ivAns: BB) i, iiiD) i, jj ,iiiQ. 22. Which is not a domain of-Artificial Intelligence?A) Intelligent Agents. B) Expert System.C) None of the above. D) A & BAns: DQ. 23. Which computer based model is developed after human brain?A) Fuzzy Logic8) Neural NetworkC) Virtual-RealityD) All of the aboveAns: BQ. 24. Knowledge based system supports,A) Knowledge of creation.B) Knowledge of support.C) Knowledge of Dissemination.D) All of the above.Ans: DQ: 25. Which of the system uses Multidimensional data analysis?A) DSSB) MISC) ESSD) All of the aboveAns: AQ. 26. Cybernetic system is the one which isA) Self Monitoring.B) Self controlling.C) Self regulating.D) All Of the above.Ans: DQ. 27. Which of the following are the inputs of Marketing Information System?i) Marketing research dataII) Marketing intelligence dataii) External environment dataiv) strategic planA) Only I, ii, and iii.B) Only ii, iii and iv.C) Only i, iii and iv.D) All I, ii, iii and iv.Ans: DQ. 28. is the process of defining the current problem, determining why a new system isneeded, identifying the objectives of the proposed system:A) Feasibility analysisB) System AnalysisC) System definitionD) System requirements ,Ans: C

Q. 29. The accounting system is whereas the demand forecasting system is.A) deterministic, probabilisticB) probabilistic, deterministicC) open, closeD) close, openAns: AQ. 30. Systems keep a track on the daily regular business transactions of theorganisation.A) Management-levelB) Strategic-levelC) Executive informationD) Operational-levelAns: DQ. 31. In which of the following functions of MIS reports are generated based on the enterprise's need'?A) PlanningB) Prediction,C) Data ProcessingD) Data storageAns: AQ. 32. EIS provide highly unstructured information to the level management for long term decisionmaking.A) OperationalB) BottomC) MiddleD) TopAns: DQ. 33. Which of the following Information category is used by middle management?A) OrganisationalB) Functional managerial knowledgeC) Decision supportD) OperationalAns: CQ. 34. e-commerce applications use EDI over the secure Virtual private network.A) C2C : (Customer to CusJomer)B) C2B (Customer to Business Organisation)C) B2C (Business Organisation to Customer)D) B2B (Business Organisation to Business)Ans: DQ. 35. focuses on researching how the human brain does work and, how human beingsimagine.A) Cognitive scienceB) RoboticsC) Natural interfacesD) Artificial intelligenceAns: AQ.36. makes use of groupware technology on Internet platform for faster responseProcessing.A) E-CommunicationB) E-business

C) E-commerceAns: CD) E-collaborationQ. 37. The-popular term for the software component that supports the collaborative efforts of a team isA) videoconferencing softwareB) work flow automation softwareC) groupwareD) none of aboveAns: CQ. 38. EDI stands for:A) Electronic data interchanqeD) Enhanced data interchangeAns: AB) Electrical data interchange C) work flow automation softwareQ. 39. The direct, computer-to-computer exchange of standardized, common business transactiondocuments between business partners, suppliers, and customers isA) EDIB) ESC) EISD) ERPAns: AQ. 40. MIS stands forA) Management internet system.C) Marketing and implementation software.Ans: DB) Marketing Internet system.D) Management information system.Q. 41. The Management information System receives input from the:A) EIS.B) ES.C) DSS.D) TPSAns: DQ. 42. The provides a manager with the information needed to make decisions regarding,the firm's operational activities.A) ElSB) ESC) MISD) EDlAns: CQ. 43. A combination of a MIS and DSS called which helps top managers makedecisions.A) GISB) EISC) EPID) CAMAns: BQ. 44: The first phase of IT planning is called planning

A) tacticalC) organisationalAns·: DB) projectD) strategicQ. 45. Which of these items is a major component of today's IT infrastructure?A) data management technologyB) networkingC) technology servicesD) all of me aboveAna: DQ. 46. What software organizes, manages, and processes business data concerned with inventory,customers, and vendors?A) customer- oriented softwareB) data management softwareC) storage area network networkD) grid computing softwareAns: BQ. 47. What type of computer is specially designed and/or used for tasks that require extremely rapidand complex calculations?A) PCB) supercomputerC) midrange computerD) mainframeAns: BQ. 48. What is the most widely used secondary storage medium?A) magnetic tapeB) magnetic sensorC) networkD) magnetic diskAns: DQ. 49. Which device is NOT considered an input device?A) sensorB) touch screenC) keyboardD) PrinterAns: DQ. 55. Old main frame computers that are used to avoid high costs is called:A) Legacy systemsB) Personal computersC) serverD) WorkstationAns: AQ. 56. Which topology requires a central controller or hub?A) MeshB) StarC) BusD) RingAns: B

Q. 57. Which topology requires a multipoint connection?A) MeshB) StarC) BusD) RingAns: CQ. 58. In a connection, three or more devices share a link.A) MultipointB) Point-to-point.C) Multipoint & point-to-pointD) none of the aboveAns: AQ. 59. refers to the physical or logical arrangement of a network.A) DataflowB) Mode of operationC) TopologyD) none of the aboveAns: CQ. 60. A is a data communication system within a building plant, or campus or betweennearby buildings.A) MANB) LANC) WAND) none at the aboveAns: BQ. 61. A is a data communication system spanning states, countries, or, the whole world.A) MANB) LANC) WAND) none of the aboveAns: CQ. 62. is a collection of many separate networks.A) WANB) an internetC) LAND) none of the aboveAns: BQ. 63. What is the meaning of Bandwidth in Network?A) Transmission capacity of a communication channelsB) Connected Computers in the NetworkC)Class of IP used in NetworkD) None of AboveAns: AQ. 64. What is the use of Bridge in Network?A) to connect LANsC) to control Network speed

B) to separate LANsD) All of the aboveAns: AQ. 65. Any electronic device on a network is called a:A) NodeB) HubC) RouterD) Cable.Ans: AQ. 66. HUB is Device & Switch is Device.A) Unicast, MulticastB) Multicast, unicastC) Broadcast, multicastD) none of the aboveAns: CQ. 67. Which of the following device copies electrical signals from one Ethernet to another?A) BridgeB) RepeaterC) HubD) Passive hubAns: BQ. 68. A network that requires human intervention of rout a signal is called aA) Bus networkB) Ring networkC) Star networkD) T-switched networkAns: DQ. 69. The topologies with highest reliability isA) Bus topologyC) Ring topologyS) Star toporogyD) Mesh topologyAns: DQ. 70. Networks that follow the 802.5 standard appear to be in a star topology but are actuallyoperating in what type of topology?A) Linear busB) Modified starC) Modified ringD) RingAns: DQ. 71. Which of the following network covers the largest geographical area,A) PANB) LANC) MAND) WANAns: DQ. 72. End- to-end connectivity is provided from host-to-host inA) Network layerB) Session Layer

C) Data link layerAns: DD) Transport layerQ. 73. A group of computers connected together to communicate and share resources is known asA) A computer networkB) A serverC) A clientD) AuthenticationAns: AQ. 74. Which topologies requires central controller or hubA) MeshB) StarC) BusD) RingAns: BQ. 75. In which topologies, if there: are n devices in a network each device has n-1 ports for cablesA) MeshB) StarC) BusD) RingAns: AQ. 76. A network computer that shares resources with and responds to requests from other computer isknown asA) clientB) server,C) terminalD) keyAns: BQ. 77. What is the powerful, centralized computer system that performs data storage and processingtasks on behalf of clients and other network devices?A) ClientB) Host computerC) TerminalD) NetworkAns: BQ. 78. A self-sufficient computer that acts as both a server and a client IS known asA) hostB) ClientC) ServerD) PeerAns: DQ. 79. Which network topology is considered passive?A) CrossB) BusC) StarD) RingAns: BQ. 80. What is the benefit of the Networking?A) File sharingB) Easier Resources

C) EasierAns: DD) All of the AboveQ. 81. The following device allows the user to add external components to a computer systemA) Storage devicesB) KeyboardsC) Portal system boardsD) DiskettesAns: C82. A network geometric arrangement in which a sIngle connecting lirie is shared by a number of nodesis calledA) Car TopologyB) Bus TopologyC) Truck TopologyD) None of theseAns: BQ. 83. What is Software?A) Set of computer programs, procedures and possibly associated document concerned with theoperation of data processing.B) A set of compiler instructionsC) A mathematical formulaD) None of aboveAns: AQ. 84. TPSs is calledA) Transfer point of salesC) Transaction processing systemsAns: CB) Technology processing systemsD) None of the aboveC. 85. Accounting, finance, marketing, and human resources are known asA) Executive information systemsB) Functional business areasC) Geographic information systemD) Local information systemAns: BQ. 86. Which of the following is a computer based system that stores and, manipulates data that areviewed from a geographical point or reference?A) Geographical information System (GIS)B) Database System (DS)C) Geographic System (GS)D) Software System (SS)Ans: AUNIT IIQ. 1. The DBMS acts as an interface between what two components of an enterprise-class databasesystem?

A) Database application and the databaseC) The user and