BASIC SERVICESArchitectural/Engineering/Planning (Rev. 2019-08)This request provides architectural/engineering/planning (AEP) resources to complete the project phases indicated below for Project No. 20K1GCollege of Letters and Science Academic Building at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (see attached for further detail).Pre-Design PhasePreliminary Design PhaseFinal Design PhaseBidding PhaseConstruction PhaseConsultants should submit their qualifications in the form of a letter of interest and demonstrate specific expertise and experience in the design andcoordination of higher education academic facilities, that include; active learning classrooms, collaboration spaces, interdisciplinary instructionalfacilities, utility extensions, space planning (including maximum allowable quantity and control area planning), and demolition of existing buildings aspart of a design team. Project design team should consist of architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, audio visual, interior design,landscape architecture, civil, and structural. Work includes project area surveys, acquiring field data, and verifying as-built conditions, if necessary, toassure accurate development of design and bidding documents.The consultant(s) will participate in a highly collaborative and interactive campus planning and design process by meeting with DFD and appropriatecampus staff, including Facilities Planning & Management, College of Letters & Science, and other support services to develop final designdocumentation. Working in collaboration with DFD and the campus project team, the consultant will be responsible for program development,verification, and documentation; developing design alternatives with corresponding construction cost estimates and construction schedules for eachdesign alternative; and determining and documenting any project work dependencies for selected design alternatives.The design consultant(s) will provide preliminary design through construction administration and project closeout services as indicated in the currentDivision of Facilities Development (DFD) Policy and Procedure Manual for Architects/Engineers and Consultants, and the DFD Contract forProfessional Services. These services may be contracted through multiple contracts or contracts with multiple parts and project-specificreview/approval/authorization milestones as determined by the needs of the project. Authorization for subsequent services will be issued in writingupon satisfactory performance and completion of contracted services and deliverables.PRELIMINARY DESIGN SERVICESIn addition to the requirements for preliminary design through construction in the DFD Policy and Procedure Manual for Architects/Engineers andConsultants, the following additions and clarifications should be noted: Verify existing project planning begun in the L&S Master Plan and feasibility study, referenced below. Evaluate and prepare for DFD, UWSystem, and campus consideration options and scenarios for determining project priorities and project delivery, this includes scheduling,phasing, estimated cost, inflation, and loss of revenue implications.Prepare a Project Plan with an updated Program Statement per the Policy and Procedure Manual for Architects/Engineers and Consultants,code assessment, and project delivery scenarios, phases, and alternatives.The design consultant(s) will also prepare documents necessary for Board of Regents and State Building Commission.COST ESTIMATINGProvide conceptual construction cost estimates for all design alternatives and provide full budget estimates for selected design alternative. All estimatesfor a selected design alternative must provide construction cost detail with a dated reference for ease of future cost escalation. All project cost estimatesnot directly associated with the construction costs (basic and additional design services, project management fees, design contingency, projectcontingency, movable and special equipment, and escalation factors) must be indicated separately from the construction cost estimates.Life cycle cost estimates must include annual energy consumption; operational maintenance and repair cost estimates; life expectancy; and capitalmaintenance, repair, and replacement cost estimates of all facilities and utilities included in the master plan. Energy consumption estimates will beprovided in the unit of measure most appropriate to the associated utility service to allow cost impact calculations at a future date based on currentrates and agreements.DELIVERABLESProduce a Program Statement document with narrative descriptions of each project component and implementation phase, executive summary,detailed construction cost estimates, detailed life cycle costing estimates, full schematic building level floor plans for each level impacted by the project,two-dimensional elevations and color renderings of selected components, and three-dimensional color renderings of selected project areas. Thenarrative descriptions must include functions, occupant capacity/limits, building/structure and site infrastructure requirements, proposed materials, andapplicable building code impacts. The executive summary will include all planning findings, project goals and principles, key recommendations, andan implementation plan.12/1/2020UW-Madison L&S Academic Building Request for AEP Services Project No. 20K1GPage 1 of 6

BASIC SERVICESArchitectural/Engineering/Planning (Rev. 2019-08)Produce a life cycle cost estimate document detailing energy consumption; operational maintenance and repair cost impacts; capital maintenance,repair, and replacement cost impacts; and life expectancy for all selected design alternatives.Produce a schematic site and landscape plan including program spaces outside the building.Prepare documents for, participate in, and assist campus staff in public review and approval processes such as those required for the EIS process,City of Madison Plan Commission, and Joint Campus Area Committee (JCAC) meetings. The UW FP&M staff will submit the project materials andassociated forms for these approvals. The A/E will provide the number of sets of design documents needed for all submittals. The A/E will coordinateand conduct the approval process meetings in concert with the UW FP&M staff. Each submittal may require the AE to provide from one to fifteendocument sets and associated electronic copies. AE should assume attendance at one meeting each for Plan Commission, JCAC, and EIA.Prepare documents for, participate in, and assist campus staff in review and approvals associated with Integrated Design Review Workshop (DFD,UW-Madison) and Campus Design Review Board (DRB). Presentation documents shall be appropriate to the phase and suitable for the use. Thisincludes 3D color renderings to show proposed building architecture, site features, and spatial relationship of the building expansion in its neighborhood.The Pre-Design concepts have already been presented on one occasion to the campus Design Review Board during the planning study. Additionalexpectations associated with the DRB include three meetings where early concepts can be presented and discussed. It is desired that these meetingsoccur during the conceptual design phase, the schematic design phase and prior to the submission of the 35% Design Report. The UW FP&M staffwill submit the project materials and associated forms for these approvals. The A/E will provide the number of sets of design documents needed for allsubmittals. The A/E will coordinate and conduct the approval process meetings in concert with the UW FP&M staffAll graphics must be grayscale compatible without losing meaning, distinguishing characteristics, or legibility.All final documentation must be provided electronically via download link, USB flash drive, or optical disc (CD or DVD) in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.All narrative text and cost estimate documentation shall also be provided in an unlocked, editable file format for future use and presentation outside ofthe final Program Statement document. Text shall be provided in rich text format (*.RTF) or Microsoft Word XML document format (*.DOCX) and costestimates provided in Microsoft Excel XML workbook format (*.XLSX). The content of the editable file formats must match the content of the finalProgram Statement document, but the organization, layout, and formatting needs only to be representative of the final content. All graphics, images,maps, plans, and renderings must be provided in electronic format separate from the master plan document in high-resolution 300 pixels per inch (ppi)raster format (*.PNG), suitable for poster size (minimum 24-inches by 36-inches) publication. All graphics, images, maps, plans, renderings, models,and documentation will become the property of the university.In addition to deliverables listed above, A/E shall provide: Seven (7) bound color copies of the Concept Report, letter size. (Diagrams may be 11” x 17”, folded to fit in the bound report). One (1) copyfor DFD and six (6) for UW System/ campus. Electronic copies, in PDF format, downloadable or via web link. All diagrams shall be capable of full graphic clarity in either color or blackand white. Provide one mounted color image of the building exterior, approximately 30” x 36”, mounted on a foam core board. The image need not bean image created specifically for this purpose but may be an image that is produced as part of the Design Report content. Also provide anelectronic PDF of the image.Preliminary, Final Design and Construction Phase Services: In addition to the requirements for preliminary design through construction in the DFDPolicy and Procedure Manual for Architects/Engineers and Consultants, the following additions and clarifications should be noted: The design consultant(s) will work with DFD and the appropriate campus staff (UW-Madison Division of Facilities Planning & Management,College of Letters & Science, Environmental Health and Safety, and UW Police Department) to review the Program Statement, PreliminaryDesign, and Final Design documents. The design consultant(s) will attend a design review meeting at each of the Preliminary Design andFinal Design review stages. The reviewers will provide written comments to the DFD Project Manager based on the documents and discussthe comments with the design consultant(s). The design consultant(s) are required to provide written responses to the DFD Project Manager.The A/E team will attend a review meeting at each of the Preliminary Review and Final Review stages. The A/E will provide the campus witheight (8) physical copies of complete review sets in addition to the review sets required for DFD for the Preliminary Review and Final Reviews.A/E will provide 3D detailed design renderings illustrating massing, volume of main spaces, finishes, and colors for review by DFD, FP&M,and the College of Letters & Science as the project progresses. These drawings should show information appropriate to the phase of thework (early drawings will show the architecture of the spaces; later drawings will show all colors and materials). These drawings will showexterior elevations and all major interior spaces. These drawings will also be used in the public and city zoning review process for the project.A/E will provide interior design services including design and specifications of systems furniture in office areas in addition to design andspecification of all other movable furniture. This item should be a line item in the fee proposal.12/1/2020UW-Madison L&S Academic Building Request for AEP Services Project No. 20K1GPage 2 of 6

BASIC SERVICES Architectural/Engineering/Planning (Rev. 2019-08)A/E will design building signage to include all life safety, room number, informational and way finding. Exterior building identification signagewill be coordinated by FP&M staff and paid for by the project.The project will include design and construction documents for all landscape and site work around the new facility including new entrysidewalks, retaining walls, and landscape plantings and parking modifications, if necessary.At the end of construction, the A/E will provide DFD with electronic copies and FP&M with two (2) electronic and two (2) hard-copies each ofO&M manuals and record drawings/specifications in AutoCAD/MS Word/PDF format, including the work of all sub-consultants, furnishings,signage, etc. Any renderings or models generated by the AE will also be turned over to DFD and campus.Note that per the DFD Policy and Procedure Manual for Architects/Engineers and Consultants, the following services will not be included in the scopeof services: Hazardous material abatement design will be provided by a consultant under separate contract with DFD based on the demolition plans.Abatement documents will be incorporated into the bid set.Third party Level-II commissioning will be contracted separately by DFD.The following documents are available to for reference, verification, and update as it relates to the project intent, description, and scope of work.Humanities Hall Feasibility StudyCollege of Letters and Science Master PlanCampus Master Plan Update (2015)Design Review Board Process12/1/2020UW-Madison L&S Academic Building Request for AEP Services Project No. 20K1GPage 3 of 6

BASIC 1.101.11Y/N?Architectural/Engineering/Planning (Rev. 2019-08)DescriptionProject and Program ConsiderationsProgramming & Program VerificationDesign ConceptSite/SurveySite/Existing ConditionsFacilities Site PlanExisting Land face ConditionsConstruction Staging/Occupancy of Site During ConstructionWEPA – Environmental Impact Determination and capacity and condition of existing lines and equipmentProposed central and site utilit