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TOC-2Arria 10 FPGA Development KitContentsOverview. 1-1General Description.1-1Recommended Operating Conditions. 1-2Handling the Board. 1-3Getting Started. 2-1Installing the Subscription Edition Software. 2-1Activating Your License. 2-1Installing the Development Kit.2-2Installing the USB-Blaster Driver. 2-3Development Board Setup. 3-1Applying Power to the Board. 3-1Default Switch and Jumper Settings.3-2Board Test System. 4-1Preparing the Board.4-2Running the Board Test System.4-2Using the Board Test System.4-4Using the Configure Menu. 4-4The System Info Tab.4-5The GPIO Tab. 4-7The Flash Tab. 4-9The XCVR Tab. 4-11The PCIe Tab.4-14The FMC A Tab. 4-17The FMC B Tab.4-20The DDR3 Tab. 4-23The DDR4 Tab. 4-25The Power Monitor. 4-27The Clock Control. 4-29Board Components.5-1Board Overview.5-1MAX V CPLD System Controller.5-5FPGA Configuration. 5-15Configuring the FPGA Using Programmer. 5-15Status Elements. 5-15User Input/Output.5-17Altera Corporation

Arria 10 FPGA Development KitTOC-3User-Defined Push Buttons.5-17User-Defined DIP Switch. 5-17User-Defined LEDs.5-18Character LCD. 5-18DisplayPort. 5-19SDI Video Input/Output Ports. 5-20Clock Circuitry.5-23On-Board Oscillators.5-23Off-Board Clock I/O.5-24Components and Interfaces. 5-25PCI Express.5-2510/100/1000 Ethernet PHY.5-28HiLo External Memory Interface. 5-29FMC. 5-36QSFP. 5-43SFP .5-45I2C. 5-45Memory. 5-48Flash. 5-48Board Power Supply. 5-51Power Distribution System.5-51Power Measurement.5-52Daughtercards. 5-52External Memory Interface.5-53FMC Loopback Card. 5-56Additional Information.A-1Board & User Guide Revision History. A-1Compliance and Conformity Statements. A-1CE EMI Conformity Caution. A-1Altera Corporation

Overview12015.06.26UG-01170SubscribeSend FeedbackThe Arria 10 GX FPGA development board provides a hardware platform for evaluating theperformance and features of the Altera Arria 10 GX device.General DescriptionFigure 1-1: Overview of the Development Board Features 2015 Altera Corporation. All rights reserved. ALTERA, ARRIA, CYCLONE, ENPIRION, MAX, MEGACORE, NIOS, QUARTUS and STRATIX words and logos aretrademarks of Altera Corporation and registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries. All other words and logos identified astrademarks or service marks are the property of their respective holders as described at Altera warrants performanceof its semiconductor products to current specifications in accordance with Altera's standard warranty, but reserves the right to make changes to anyproducts and services at any time without notice. Altera assumes no responsibility or liability arising out of the application or use of any information,product, or service described herein except as expressly agreed to in writing by Altera. Altera customers are advised to obtain the latest version of devicespecifications before relying on any published information and before placing orders for products or services.www.altera.com101 Innovation Drive, San Jose, CA 95134ISO9001:2008Registered

1-2UG-011702015.06.26Recommended Operating ConditionsFigure 1-2: Arria 10 GX Block DiagramMicroUSB2.0XCVR x16REFCLK x2CLKIN x8FMCAltera LPC x69XCVR x16JTAG ChainREFCLK x2x69On-BoardUSB Blaster TM II& USB InterfaceCLKIN x8FMCAltera LPC MAX IIx19 USB Interfacex8Arria 10 GXFPGAx23x12Display Port(TX)x15SMA XCVROUTx1(PCML)SMA CLKOUTx1x15SFP Oscillators50M, 125M,Programmablex4x310AX115N2F45x4x8x16PCI Expressx8 XCVRsMAX VCPLDHiLOExternalMemoryEPCQNF5-1932C Packagex8 ConfigQSFPx136XCVR x8ENET FPGA(SGMII)LCDButtonsSwitchesLEDsx66x32128MBFLASH x32(FPGA)x1 (SE)SMA CLKINRelated InformationBoard Components on page 5-1For details on the board components.Recommended Operating Conditions Altera CorporationRecommended ambient operating temperature range: 0C to 45CMaximum ICC load current: 80AMaximum ICC load transient percentage: 35%FPGA maximum power supported by the supplied heatsink/fan: 100WOverviewSend Feedback

UG-011702015.06.26Handling the Board1-3Handling the BoardWhen handling the board, it is important to observe static discharge precautions.Caution: Without proper anti-static handling, the board can be damaged. Therefore, use anti-statichandling precautions when touching the board.OverviewSend FeedbackAltera Corporation

Getting Started22015.06.26UG-01170SubscribeSend FeedbackInstalling the Subscription Edition SoftwareThe Quartus II Subscription Edition Software provides the necessary tools used for developing hardwareand software for Altera devices.Included in the Quartus II Subscription Edition Software are the Quartus II software, the Nios II EDS, andthe MegaCore IP Library. To install the Altera development tools, download the Quartus II SubscriptionEdition Software from the Quartus II Subscription Edition Software page of the Altera website. Alterna‚Äźtively, you can request a DVD from the Altera IP and Software DVD Request Form page of the Alterawebsite.Related InformationQuartus II Subscription Edition Software pageActivating Your LicensePurchasing this kit entitles you to a one-year license for the Development Kit Edition (DKE) of theQuartus II software. After the year, your DKE license will no longer be valid and you will not be permittedto use this version of the Quartus II software. To continue using the Quartus II software, you shoulddownload the free Quartus II Web Edition or purchase a subscription to Quartus II software.Before using the Quartus II software, you must activate your license, identify specific users andcomputers, and obtain and install a license file. If you already have a licensed version of the subscriptionedition, you can use that license file with this kit. If not, follow these steps:1. Log on at the myAltera Account Sign In web page, and click Sign In.2. On the myAltera Home web page, click the Self-Service Licensing Center link.3. Locate the serial number printed on the side of the development kit box below the bottom bar code.The number consists of alphanumeric characters and does not contain hyphens.4. On the Self-Service Licensing Center web page, click the Find it with your License Activation Codelink.5. In the Find/Activate Products dialog box, enter your development kit serial number and click Search. 2015 Altera Corporation. All rights reserved. ALTERA, ARRIA, CYCLONE, ENPIRI