Documents Politics & Current Affairs Politics United States Government157 views 0RELATED TITLES 009-19-13 EditionUploaded by San Mateo Daily Journal09-19-13 Edition Full description SaveEmbedShareSenator ChrisMurphy's 201809-24-2013Edition9-21-13 EditionThe OtheNovelTWIIN STOTWTORRMSHALL REHALLREADADYY TO SASAYYGOODGOODBYBYEE TO DEDEXTXTERERMEXICO FLOODS KILL 80,THOUSANDS STRANDEDDATEBOOK PAGE 20WORLD PAGE 8Leading local news coverage on the PeninsulaThursday SepSept.19,t.19, 2013 Vol XIV,XIV, Edition 28Half MoonMoon BayBay to demolishdemolish Main StreetStreetCity Council listens to residents,residents,merchamerchantsnts for six hours before makinBy Bill SilverfarbDAILY JOURNAL STAFFAfter listening to angry residents and downtown merchantswhile discussing for nearly sixhours what action to take to bestsolve Half Moon Bay’s MainStreet Bridge problem, the CityCouncil voted 4-1 Tuesday nightto demolish the 113-year-oldstructure.The bridge is structurally unsafeand the council had severaloptions to vote on — includingthe rehabilitation of the structure— before opting to tear it downand replace it with a new one.Permitting, however, will likelyspan the next two years and con-struction will not likely start until2016, said Councilman AllanAlifano, who voted againstdemolishing it.Alifano favored an option torehabilitate the bridge but alsowanted staff to take more time tosee how feasible the option mightbe before the final vote was made.“I think we could have made amore informed decision if we hadmore information. My goal was toget staff to do more analysis,”Alifano told the Daily JournalWednesday.Most merchants and residents,about 25, who spoke at Tuesdaynigh t’s meeting favored a rehabilitation alternative rather thandemolition. Many said that tear-ing downcould hsince itdowntowBut Acoast widowntowand thatCounty 2.2 bilbudget pMARKET HITS RECORD HIGHBoard of supervisors aspending on final dayDAILY JOURNAL STAFF REPORTREUTERSThe stostockck markemarkett hithit a recorrecordd highhigh WeWednednesdasdayy asas invinvestoestorsrs checheeredered the FeFederderalal ReserReserve’ve’s surprsurpriseise decidecisionsion toTORYY PAGAGEE 10keep its economic stimulus program in place. SEE STORThe San Mateo County Board ofSupervisors adopted a 2.2 billionspending plan yesterday for fiscalyear 2013-14 after signing off onanother 6.9 million in appropriations on the last of three days ofbudget hearings.This year’s budget is anincrease over last year’s by morethan 288 million. The boardalso approved a tentative budgetat about 1.93 billion for FY2014-15 as the county has startedto look at its budget in two-yearcycles fYeste 5 millidesignCordillein RedwIt alsomillionpriationof twoFranciscof abouemergencost ofReading, writing and rhythm: Libraries hosting kid mBy Michelle DurandDAILY JOURNAL STAFFon a day when they might not beso caught up in work and otherresponsibilities. The visits byBrisbane libraries. “This is a phenomenal way to learn.”Risley said a common miscon-

RELATED TITLESDocuments Politics & Current Affairs Politics United States Government 0157 views 009-19-13 EditionUploaded by San Mateo Daily JournalSenator ChrisMurphy's 201809-19-13 Edition Full description SaveEmbedShare2Thursday SepSept.19,t.19, 201309-24-2013Edition9-21-13 EditionThe OtheNovelFOR THE RECORDThought for the Day“Start every day off witha smile and get it over with.”— W.C.Fields,American comedian (1880-1946)This Day in History1982The smiley emoticon was invented asCarnegie Mellon University professor Scott E. Fahlman proposed punctuating humorously intended computer messages by employing a colonfollowed by a hyphen and a parenthesis as a horizontal “smiley face.” :-)I n 1 7 7 7 , the first Battle of Saratoga was fought during theRevolutionary War; although the British forces succeeded indriving out the American troops, the Americans prevailedprevailed ina second battle the following month.I n 1 7 9 6 , President George Washington’s farewell addresswas published.I n 1 8 8 1 , the 20th president of the United States, James A.Garfield, died 2 1/2 months after being shot by CharlesGuiteau; Chester Alan Arthur became president.I n 1 9 3 4, Bruno Hauptmann was arrested in New York andcharged with the kidnap-murder of Charles A. Lindbergh Jr.I n 1 9 4 5 , Nazi radio propagandist William Joyce, knownas “Lord Haw-Haw,” was convicted of treason and sentencedto death by a British court.I n 1 9 5 7 , the United States conducted its first containedunderground nuclear test, code-named Rainier, in the Nevadadesert.I n 1 9 5 9 , Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, visiting LosAngeles, reacted angrily upon being told that, for securityreasons, he wouldn’t get to visit Disneyland.I n 1 9 6 0, Cuban leader Fidel Castro, in New York to visitthe United Nations, angrily checked out of the ShelburneHotel in a dispute with the management; Castro ended upstaying at the Hotel Theresa in Harlem.Harlem.I n 1 9 6 1 , Barney and Betty Hill, a New Hampshire coupledriving home from vacation, experienced what they laterclaimed under hypnosis was a short-term abduction by extraterrestrials.Western TV series “The Virginian”Virginian” deb uted onI n 1 9 6 2 , the WesternNBC.BirthdaysTV hosthost JamesJamesLipton is 87.Actor Jeremy Ironsis 65.Comedian JimmyFallon is 39.Author Roger Angell is 93. Actress Rosemary Harris is 86.Former Defense Secretary Harold Brown is 86. Actor AdamWest is 85. Retired MLB All-Star pitcher Bob Turley is 83.Actor David McCallum (TV: “NCIS”) is 80. Singer-songwriterPaul Williams is 73. Singer Bill Medley is 73. Singer SylviaTyson (Ian and Sylvia) is 73. Singer Freda Payne is 71. GolferJane Blalock is 68. Singer David Bromberg is 68. ActorRandolph Mantooth is 68. Rock singer-musician Lol Creme(10cc) is 66. Former NFL running back Larry Brown is 66.Actress Twiggy Lawson is 64. TV personality Joan Lunden is63. Singer-producer Daniel Lanois is 62.Dancers perform during a rehearsal of ‘Prey,’a‘Prey,’a dance choreographed by Yvette Bozsik,inBozsik,i n BudapeIn other news .Cheer up,Grumpy Cat:Youhave an endorsement dealST. LOUIS — It probably won’taffect her famous mood, but GrumpyCat now has an endorsement deal.The frown-faced Internet sensation,real name Tardar Sauce, is now the“spokescat” for a Friskies brand of catfood, Nestle Purina PetCare announcedTuesday. The St. Louis-based companydidn’t release terms of the deal.Photos of Grumpy Cat, her brownand white face in a constant scowl,have become a constant presence onFacebook and other social media,often accompanied by crabby messages such as “I don’t like days thatend in Y” or “I’m listening, I justdon’t care. She also is among thebiggest stars of the peculiar trend ofcat dominance on Web videos andpostings.Grumpy Cat’s own Facebook pagehas more than 1.3 million likes. Thedour animal also has more than111,000 Twitter followers.In addition to the relationship withNestle Purina, which featured GrumpyCat in an online video game series inMarch, the 1 1/2-year-old mixedbreed feline has a merchandise line andreportedly has a movie deal in theworks.“She’s very busy,” Friskies spokeswoman Julie Catron said. “The firstthing she’ll do for us is receive thelifetime achievement award.”by David L. Hoyt and Jeff KnurekSept.18Sept.18 PowerPowerbballsgamelSpanish city seeks lotterywinner who lost ticketMADRIMADRIDD — ASpanish city is seeking a missing millionaire.Somebody bought a lottery ticket inthe northern city of La Coruna thatwon 4.7 million euros ( 6.3 million)— but lost the ticket in the shop. Afterfailed attempts to track the winnerdown, the city is now making a publicplea for the buyer to step forward.Fortune hunters beware: Anybody trying to claim the prize will have toprove knowing where and when theticket was purchased.The ticket for the June 30, 2012,drawing was found in one of the city’sauthorized lottery agency outlets byanother customer, who handed it to themanager of the store. The managerinformed authorities, who are nowpublicizing the story to get leads.The city this week released an official notice about the ticket on its website list of lost-and-found items suchas cellphones, keys and wallets.“I’ll be the first Spanish mayorwho’s searching for a millionaire notto ask for money but to give it,” LaLottoTHAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAMEUnscramble these four Jumbles,one letter to each square,to form four ordinary words.Catron isn’t kidding. The feline willreceive the award Oct. 15 in New Yorkas Friskies honors the best cat videosof the year as chosen through anonline vote.Grumpy Cat is owned by TabathaBundesen, who lives in Phoenix.7102232Local WeatheFantasyFantasy FiF ive351968Coruna Mayin a statemeAuthoritiethe ticket wpurchase sopeople claimtry to dettelling the tcities, La Cooutlets.Many peoown series oalso be quesplaying histhey usuallalso possiblpaid for a tigenerated bLa Corunan internatiso the ticketbeen boughPrizes fowinnings cagencies, bujackpo tclaimed atters.La Corunafind the wstatute statesafeguard loand make evimate buyer.The search— and if then’t show upgoes to the101534Thursday: Sunny. Highs in theto lower 70s. West winds 5 to 10Thursday night: Clear in the

Documents Politics & Current Affairs Politics United States Government157 views 0RELATED TITLES 009-19-13 EditionUploaded by San Mateo Daily Journal09-19-13 Edition Full description SaveEmbedShareTHETHE DAIAILLY JOJOURURNANALLSenator ChrisMurphy's 201809-24-2013Edition9-21-13 EditionLOCALThursdaThree vying for SequoiaSequoia school board seatsStatewide changes and facilities challenges biggest concerns for candidatesBy Angela SwartzDAILY JOURNAL STAFFContending with changes associatedwith Common Core standards and a newstate funding formula, along with addressing growing enrollment are top prioritiesfor those seeking seats on the SequoiaUnion High School District Board ofTrustees.Incumbents Alan Sarver and ChrisThomsen, along with Georgia Jack, visitedthe Daily Journal office last week for anendorsement interview. There are two openseats on the board. New technologicalintegration into classrooms was also a topissue for the candidates.Statewide education modificationsWith California’s new Common Corestandards, there will be a transition tomore team collaborative learning, withless time spent on lectures and more of anemphasis on classroom technology. NewSmarter Balance assessments align withthese new standards and will go into effectduring the 2014-15 school year.The district is behind in terms of preparation, said Jack, who noted that as a parent she would like to see more proactivityon the board since it’s a major shift.More money needs to be put into supporting the transition, Thomsen said.“We’re certainly not ahead of the curve,”Sarver said. “The district has been a bitslow in getting going because we’ve beenweathering an economic storm.”In terms of altering technology in theclassrooms because of the curriculum structure, Sarver said it’s key to not use technology just for technology’s sake.Reaching out to leading technology partners such as Oracle, Google and Facebookis key to more activelyengaging with curriculum, he said.Costs of infrastructureupkeep and lack of discussion with feeder districts were concerns forJack, along with howlow-income students willbe able to use technoloAlan Sarvergy in their homes.“Students don’t needmore screen time; it isgood to have interactions with technology tosupport learning,” Jacksaid. “I’ve talked to myson’s friends and they’renot as excited about integrating technology intoChris Thomsen the classroom.”The Local ControlFunding Formula alsowas a topic of interestfor the candidates. Thenew formula will send 2.1 billion more toschool districts thathave high numbers ofstudents from lowerincome families, whoGeorgia Jack have limited Englishproficiency or are fosterchildren. During the first year, the formulagives school districts more control overstate aid by eliminating earmarks for statemandated programs, except for special education funding.All candidates noted that the district isunique position in that it is a basic aid district, meaning it is mostly self-funded.With charter schools and a lot of lowerincome students, that means the districtwill be at a loss with the funding formula.The OtheNovel“There needs to be equity combined withadequacy,” Sarver said.Police reStealing patrSomeone stoleBoy Scout flagCity before 9:10 .Desired changesAmong Jack’s concerns was that budgetdecisions have not been made in a transparent fashion.She also took issue with how the boardhas handled the issue of growing enrollment.“I would have taken a differentapproach,” Jack said. “They’ve handledthis as a facilities problem when it’s anissue around values. How do we wantschools to look, instead of how do we wantto expand facilities.”Thomsen and Sarver also were concernedwith the enrollment and boundaries issues,but believe the district is doing a good jobof handling the challenge.More effort into the Common Corechange, along with addressing graduationrates are primary areas Thomsen would liketo see emphasized in the future.Jack would like to see more effort withplanning for all the district’s students.“The schools overall do a very fine jobwith college-bound students,” Jack said.“Achievement is flat and dropout rates areinching. The district does not have a strategic plan. We don’t have a vision thatguides what we do. Schools are very difficult to navigate.”[email protected](650) 344-5200 ext. 105FOSTER CITYSuspicious cirwere seen sittingjuana on MonterBoulevard before12 .Arrest . A personwithout a licensebefore 9:41 a.m.Arrest . A man walcohol in a publibefore 1:15 a.m.Arrest . A womanoutstanding warrabefore 1:09 a.m.Burglary . Somecar was broken inbefore 8:47 p.m.SAN CARLOSTheft. Someoneing on the 1100before 12:30 p.mArrest . A man wa suspended licenCamino Real befSept. 12.Burglary . A1200 block of Inp.m. Thursday, SBurglary . Propefirst block of Higp.m. Thursday, S

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