Porsche Club of AmericaWinter 2016 Board of Directors MeetingSaturday, January 23, 2016Atlanta, GADRAFTCaren Cooper, PCA National President, called the meeting to order at 1:41pm ET.Cooper welcomed all attendees and recognized their dedication for attending themeeting despite the severe weather conditions on the East Coast. Cooper advised themeetings held this weekend, in addition to the Board of Directors meeting, included theClub Racing Stewards, DE Committee Summit, Nominating Committee, NationalCommittee Chairs Roundtable Discussion, Zone Representatives meeting and theExecutive Council (EC). Cooper reported PCA achieved 6.4% membership growth - thelargest percentage growth on record.Cooper introduced Paul Gregor from Porsche Cars North America (PCNA).Gregor reported on 2015 being a pivotal year with the opening of the new state-of-theart Porsche Experience Center (PEC) facility in Atlanta, GA. He explained it is the NorthAmerica headquarters of all Porsche companies except Porsche Motorsport NorthAmerica. He showed a brief video and advised Klaus Zellmer, PCNA President and CEO,would be in attendance that evening. Construction of the PEC Los Angeles continues. Herecapped the GTS Club Coupe reveal on January 2, 2015 and its subsequent tour aroundthe country. He thanked the Rennsport Reunion V committee whose work that weekendresulted in 1500 cars in the corral, Heritage 60 for 60 Collection, Club Coupe drawing,Porsche speakers at the hospitality tent, etc. Gregor discussed current and upcomingmodels, including the Cayman GT4 Clubsport. He recalled one particular highlight of theyear was the 17th overall victory at Le Mans and how the excitement resonatedthroughout the entire company. Gregor noted PCA is the largest and most successfulPorsche club in the world and looks forward to our continued success.1

Cooper presented the name badges and business cards to the newly appointed NationalStaff, and then called for introductions of all in attendance.Cooper announced the Executive Council was made aware that entities incorporated inWashington, DC cannot use proxies to establish a quorum or hold a vote. The ExecutiveCouncil is investigating a solution to this long standing practice of at least the past 30years.Reports (Caren Cooper – National President, Tom Gorsuch – National Vice President,Cindy Jacisin – National Secretary, Manny Alban - National Past President, and VuNguyen – Executive Director)The EC and Nguyen presented a PowerPoint presentation entitled “PCA 10 Back and 10Forward” and each addressed their respective topics. The National Operations overviewreferenced the National Headquarters evolution from an outpost of information to acentral hub.Operational Statistics compared 2005 and 2015 on data such as the increase in primarymembers from 55,000 to 73,000; increase in insurance certificates issued from 1,500 to2,000; addition of media sources from the printed Panorama and a basic informationwebsite to the printed and digital Panorama, e-Brake News, social media, destinationwebsite and YouTube channel; move of the membership database in-house; purchase ofHQ office space rather than rented; move of the Panorama office from the editor’shome basement into an office in San Rafael, CA; and the addition of the onlinemerchandise store, online forms and organized archives.National Events increased from the Parade, Member Only Raffle, Executive Council &Board of Directors meetings and Porsche Panorama to the addition of the 3 TechTactics, 10 Porscheplatz and PCA Corrals, Escape/Treffen, Werks Reunion, 3 Auto ShowMember Previews and the 60th Anniversary and Club Coupe Drawing.A review of the membership now spanning 6 generations was detailed along with thescope of volunteerism in PCA and a discussion of the major issues currently facingvolunteer organizations (time poverty, responsiveness, technology and changingexpectations between the generations).Key 2007 & 2015 member survey data were reviewed. Print or electronic surveys weresent to 7,500 members in 2007, compared to 77,000 electronic surveys. Specific datawill be made available when the survey is complete and results are analyzed.2

Projections for 2025 including operational challenges, staffing needs, technologyevolution, membership challenges, and financial projections were detailed. A briefrecap of the Celebrate 60 Years was highlighted, ending with a video year-in-review.Financial Report - (Aaron Ambrosino - National Treasurer)The following report is the draft financials for the year ending Dec 31, 2015 since fullyreconciled financials will not be available until mid-February. All comparisons arerelative to year-end 2014.Statement of Activities Estimated total income of 8,476,000; an increase of 1,309,000 from 2014 dueprimarily to continued membership growth, increased advertising andsponsorship and two very successful raffles. Total expenses of 7,669,000; an increase of 788,000 due primarily to additionalraffle prizes and increased Panorama costs. Surplus income of 807,000.There were two instances of budget overruns in 2015 that warrant reporting: Panorama production costs exceeded the budget by approximately 142K due tolarger page counts, permitted to enable increased ad sales. The production andmailing costs of the extra pages had the effect of increasing the overall cost permember to approximately 12/member, close to the historical norm but higherthan the last few years and higher than budgeted. The budget for 2016 includesan average page count control with a lower average in 2016 so Panorama costsremain consistent year over year. IT services including website development exceeded budget by 125K. Thisincrease followed from the 2015 Winter Board of Directors meeting round tablediscussions where a significant list of website deficiencies and improvementsuggestions were logged. The overall budget for IT services was increased for2016 to cover the expectation of continued higher IT service costs.Pending final financials, there is a possible special region subsidy to the regionsaccording to the guidelines in the Manual of National Policy and Procedures (MNPP)Finance section.The EC reviewed budget requests submitted by all committee chairs and staff and hasapproved the budget with the exception of Panorama as it requires further review bythe EC. The major changes have been approved through the board notification processand include: Increase to two Treffen events per year starting in 2017;3

Membership initiative with PCA sponsoring Corrals at IMSA motorsports events; Increase in the IT budget to match the growing expectation for improved onlineservices; Addition of a third finance department employee, a bookkeeper; and Addition of the Cayman GT4 Clubsport series to PCA Club Racing.National staff member budgets were approved as submitted unless notified otherwise.Ambrosino continues to work with the Audit Committee reviewing financial results on aquarterly basis. The 2016 budget will be supplied to the Audit Committee following thismeeting.Audit Committee Chair (Kim Fritze)Fritze thanked the Audit Committee (Bryson Kiser, Bob Knight, Craig Kugler, and KenLaborde) for their work on a detailed review of the quarterly financials ending June 30,2015 and September 30, 2015 and the 2014 tax returns.Autocross Chair (Leeds Gulick)Gulick advised the Autocross Minimum Standards are reaching maturity. Safety Chair JoMartin completed a line-by-line review and the next step is receipt of comments fromthe Zone Representatives. The final step will be submission to the membership for theirreview and comments.National Awards Chair (Jennifer Webb)Webb reminded the region presidents of the March 1, 2016 submission deadline forRegion, Family and Enthusiast of the Year and the Public Service Awards. Webb willreach out to those who submitted a charity subsidy request to seek additionalsubmissions for the Public Service Awards.Club Racing Chair (Vicki Earnshaw)Earnshaw thanked the entire Club Racing staff as well as the regions, zones and racers.Earnshaw welcomed 137 new club racers including 22 from the west coast. The 2015incident rate was 2.5%, down from 3.3% in 2014. The Sholar-Friedman Cup Group was asuccess at Rennsport. Club Racing is celebrating its 25th year, beginning at Sebring withits Championship Awards Banquet and all racecars will display the 25th logo windshieldbanner. The schedule of 29 races is posted on the website. The new look of Club RacingNews is being developed and will be printed in color. Equipment will be updated asneeded. Concerning the Cayman GT4 Clubsport Trophy East Series, they are in theprocess of getting commitments on those cars and finalizing the rules, marketing,budgets, etc. Report stands as submitted.4

Drivers Education Chair (Alex Bell)Bell thanked the committee for their work in 2015 and advised they covered a greatamount of ground during the DE Committee Summit held the last 2 days. In 2015, 220members became Nationally-trained PCA instructors, for a total of approximately 4,300successfully passing the program since 2000. Bell will continue to try to meet with theregion chairs as appropriate. Report stands as submitted.Driving Tour Chair (Greg Halverson)Halverson developed a first draft of the Driving Tour Minimum Standards after meetingwith Jo Martin (Safety Chair) and Ron Gordon (Parade Chair). Next steps includeforwarding the draft to the Zone Representatives for their comments as well as from theregion chairs.Historian (RJ Wilmoth)Wilmoth, with the help of Skip Carter, organized quite a bit of memorabilia, photos andPCA records from the Jack Case estate. He made a couple trips to the National office towork on the archives as well as to set up a historical display at the annual National OpenHouse.Insurance Chair (Ken Laborde)Laborde reported the motorsports liability policy was renewed.Region Membership Chair (Kim Fritze)Julie Bailey, reporting on behalf of Fritze as the past Region Membership Chair, adviseda 6.4% annual growth rate for the Club and reviewed the membership contest winners: Actual growth – Upper Canada Region increased 248 members; Factored growth – Intermountain Region increased 187Bailey recapped the new factored growth formula as had been emailed to the regionpresidents and membership chairs and thanked Tom Gorsuch and Dennis Thovson fortheir role in developing the new formula.Newsletter Chair (Barb Coplen)Coplen looks forward to providing new ideas to the region newsletter chairs and isavailable as a resource. She will assist with better communication between the regionwebsites and newsletters. Report stands as submitted by past Newsletter Chair WendyShoffit.Nominating Committee Chair (Ken Hold)Hold thanked the committee of Jennifer Webb and Tom Provasi for their amazing effortwith 49 phone interviews covering the Club’s current environment, its future,5

candidates to meet the Club’s needs, etc. The request for input was sent via the Emailer,eBrake and he thanked Pete Stout for including it in Panorama. The committee is nowinterviewing nominees and putting information together to select a slate of candidates.Panorama Editor (Pete Stout)Stout advised it was a maturing year for Panorama, the largest independent Porschemagazine, with an increase in advertising and, due to increased circulation, an increaseto printing costs. He is working with the Executive Council on how to control the costincreases. Ad revenue was up 9% in 2015 and up 53% since 2012; exceeding 1.5M forthe year. Amy Skogstrom was hired as Executive Editor and is now instrumental inPanorama’s production. Stout thanked RJ Wilmoth and Linda Bosco for theirphenomenal work on the expanded 60th Anniversary coverage. Highlights in 2016 will bethe 25th Anniversary of Club Racing; Cayman GT4 Clubsport Series; and Increased techcontent by working with Technical Chair Steve Hoffman. Stout gave a newsletterseminar at the Zone 8 Presidents meeting. At the 2015 Motor Press Guild Awards,Panorama won the Overall photography category, with all 3 photography finalists beingPanorama contributors. Also, two authors were nominated in the writing categories.Parade Chair (Ron Gordon)Gordon reported on Parade’s biggest challenges: How to make the registration processbetter and how to make the housing process equitable. Phase 1 Housing was completedin December with 700 entrants with a 2-minute average completion time thanks to thework of Damon Lowney and Tom Brown. Gordon sent 2 emails on January 22, 2016announcing the housing process which will continue for the next 3 weeks. Gordon,Francie Kish and Kathleen Behrens are working with Conference Direct, a professionalevent management company.Danny Saxton, PCR Chair, advised there are very few changes to the 2016 PCRs and heforwarded them via the Emailer.Policy Chair (Bob Gutjahr)Gutjahr reported the Policy Committee drafted 3 Club policies: Intellectual Property,Regional Events Insurance and National Whistleblower. The Zone Incorporationguidelines were given to the EC for review earlier in the day and prior to distribution tothe Zone Reps. Work continues on the Manual of National Policy and Procedures(MNPP), on an index that will give direction as guideposts for future appointees,committee chairs, zone reps, etc. The committee will work with current national staff ontheir respective sections.6

Porscheplatz/Corral Coordinator (Tuffy von Briesen)In 2015, 6 Porscheplatz (Porsche sponsored) and 2 PCA Corrals (region or zonesponsored) were held. Tom Gorsuch’s proposal of revising the program to provideCorral budgets and coordinators based on approved goals and objectives such asproviding a race viewing experience and increasing membership was presented to theZone Reps in December. Von Briesen is working with Paul Gregor (PCNA) to determinewhich events will offer a Platz verses a Corral in 2016.Procedures Chair (Ron Carr)No report as the Chair was not present.RegionFocus Editor (Dan Cole)Cole reported th