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This handbook is intended for the use of contractors and health care providers (forconvenience, collectively referred to as “contractors” throughout this handbook) workingwith the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) and/orCalifornia Correctional Health Care Services (CCHCS), which includes the formerCalifornia Prison Health Care Services (CPHCS) and Division of Correctional Health CareServices (DCHCS).Documentation re-printed from external sources either has been used with permission or is inthe public domain.All financial, statistical, personal, technical and other data and information relating to State‟soperation, which are designated confidential by the State and made available or whichbecome available to the contractor, shall be protected by the contractor from unauthorizeduse and disclosure.No reports, information, inventions, improvements, discoveries, or data obtained, repaired,assembled, or developed by the contractor pursuant to this handbook shall be released,published, or made available to any person (except to the State) in violation of any State orfederal law.All or part of this publication may be copied/reproduced by CDCR or CCHCS staff forcontractors or employees needs as determined by management staff.Revised 05/18/20162

Health Care Contractor's OrientationTABLE OF CONTENTSIntroduction. 4Map and Addresses of California Adult Correctional Facilities . 5Security Overview & Laws, Rules and Regulations Regarding Conduct and Associationwith State Prison Inmates . 8Inmate/Staff Relations . 13Workplace Violence Prevention Program . 14Equal Employment Opportunity / Sexual Harassment Policy . 15Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). 18Information Security Awareness . 19Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act . 27Injury and Illness Prevention Program . 29Bloodborne Pathogens . 32The Inmate Medical Services Policies and Procedure Program (IMSPP) and Access toCare . 40Inmate Dental Services Program (IDSP) Overview. 41Mental Health Services Delivery System .44Armstrong – Inmates with Disabilities . 47Clark Overview – Developmental Disabilities. 51Prison Rape Elimination Policy Information and Acknowledgment Form . 57Self-Certification Form . 59Revised 5/18/20163

IntroductionWelcome to contracted work with California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation(CDCR), California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHCS).Regardless of your contracted services or service location, it is vital you understand themission and intent of CDCR and/or CCHCS.This handbook is an overview of conducting your services within a correctional setting. Itprovides a brief outline of the policies within CDCR and/or CCHCS. This is intended toorient you to the correctional setting and to ensure you are familiar with the operationalsafeguards in place.Background:To assist contractors in understanding the specific rules, regulations, policies and proceduresadhered to by CDCR and/or CCHCS. The information has been gathered from a variety ofsources to provide contractors with an overview of CDCR and CCHCS.Excerpts, references and directions include but are not limited to the following: CaliforniaCode of Regulations (CCR), the Department Operations Manual (DOM) and court mandates.Any reference to or about CDCR or CCHCS shall apply to all contractors regardless of theentity with which they are contracted to provide services.Specifics:This handbook is to be provided to any contractor and any staff or subcontractor who willprovide services under contract (in which their contract references this handbook) to CDCRor CCHCS. There are exceptions such as registry staff, who will continue to attend HealthCare New Employee Orientation (HCNEO) as formal classroom training.Contractor Responsibilities:Upon review of the handbook, the contractor will sign the form at the end of the bookindicating they received and read the handbook.Specific procedures and other local operating procedures will be part of the contractor‟straining and are not contained in this document. The contractor shall direct institutionspecific questions to your designated institutional contact.4

Map of California’s Correctional andRehabilitation InstitutionsRevised 5/18/20165

LIST OF PARTICIPATING CDCR INSTITUTIONSInstitutionInstitutionAvenal State Prison (ASP)1 Kings WayAvenal, CA 93204-9708(559) 386-0587 Ext. 7426; Fax (559) 386-7450California State Prison – Corcoran (COR)4001 King AvenueCorcoran, CA 93212-9611(559) 992-8800 Ext. 6924; Fax (559) 992-9423California City Correctional Center (CAC)22844 Virginia BoulevardCalifornia City, CA 93505(760) 246-7600 Ext. 7497California State Prison – Los Angeles County (LAC)44750 60th Street WestLancaster, CA 93536-7619(661) 729-2000 Ext. 7879; Fax (661) 723-8331California Correctional Center (CCC)711-045 Center RoadSusanville, CA 96130(530) 257-2181 Ext. 4167; Fax (530) 252-3080California State Prison – Sacramento (SAC)100 Prison RoadRepresa, CA 95671-3000(916) 985-8610 Ext. 6554California Correctional Institution (CCI)24900 Highway 202Tehachapi, CA 93561-5558(661) 822-4402 Ext. 3289California State Prison – San Quentin (SQ)San Quentin, CA 94964(415) 721-3506California State Prison – Solano (SOL)2100 Peabody RoadVacaville, CA 95687-6639(707) 451-0182 Ext. 5333; Fax (707) 454-3202California Health Care Facility – Stockton (CHCF)7707 Austin RoadStockton, CA 95215-8312(209) 467-2500California Institution for Men (CIM)14901 Central AvenueChino, CA 91710-9500(909) 597-1821 Ext. 6533; Fax (909) 606-7009California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility andState Prison at Corcoran (SATF)900 Quebec AvenueCorcoran, CA 93212-9715(559) 992-7100 Ext. 5734; Fax (559) 992-7542California Institution for Women (CIW)16756 Chino Corona RoadCorona, CA 92880-9508(909) 597-1771 Ext. 3702; Fax (909) 606-4925Calipatria State Prison (CAL)7018 Blair RoadCalipatria, CA 92233-9633(760) 348-7000 Ext. 5450California Medical Facility (CMF)1600 California DriveVacaville, CA 95687(707) 448-6841 Ext. 2601Centinela State Prison (CEN)2302 Brown RoadImperial, CA 92251(760) 337-7900 Ext. 7045; Fax (760) 482-3004California Men’s Colony (CMC)Highway 1San Luis Obispo, CA 93409-0001(805) 547-7675; Fax (805) 547-7520Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF)23370 Road 22Chowchilla, CA 93610-8504(559) 665-5531 Ext. 7714; Fax (559) 665-8199California Rehabilitation Center (CRC)5th Street & WesternNorco, CA 92860(951) 737-2683; Fax (951) 273-2326Chuckawalla Valley State Prison (CVSP)19025 Wileys Well RoadBlythe, CA 92225-2287(760) 922-5300 Ext. 7057Revised 5/18/20166

InstitutionCorrectional Training Facility (CTF)Highway 101 NorthSoledad, CA 93960(831) 678-3951 Ext. 4103; Fax (831) 678-5882InstitutionPelican Bay State Prison (PBSP)5905 Lake Earl DriveCrescent City, CA 95532-0001(707) 465-1000 Ext. 7002; Fax (707) 465-9127Deuel Vocational Institution (DVI)23500 Kasson RoadTracy, CA 95304(209) 835-4141 Ext. 5513; Fax (209) 830-3908Pleasant Valley State Prison (PVSP)24863 West Jayne AvenueCoalinga, CA 93210-9502(559) 935-4900 Ext. 5720; Fax (559) 935-4977Folsom State Prison (FSP)300 Prison RoadRepresa, CA 95671-3001(916) 985-2561 Ext. 4760; Fax (916) 351-3001Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility (RJD)480 Alta RoadSan Diego, CA 92179-0001(619) 661-6500 Ext. 8670; Fax (619) 661-7502High Desert State Prison (HDSP)475-750 Rice Canyon RoadSusanville, CA 96130(530) 251-5100 Ext. 5456Salinas Valley State Prison (SVSP)31625 Highway 101 SSoledad, CA 93960-9529(831) 678-5500 Ext. 6058; Fax (831) 678-5504Ironwood State Prison (ISP)19005 Wileys Well RoadBlythe, CA 92225-2287(760) 921-3000 Ext. 6713Sierra Conservation Center (SCC)5100 Obyrnes Ferry RoadJamestown, CA 95327-9102(209) 984-5291 Ext. 5560; Fax (209) 984-0151Kern Valley State Prison (KVSP)3000 West Cecil AvenueDelano, CA 93215-1821(661) 721-6300 Ext. 5988; Fax (661) 721-6377Valley State Prison (VSP)21633 Avenue 24Chowchilla, CA 93610-9650(559) 665-6100 Ext. 6898; Fax (559) 665-8943Mule Creek State Prison (MCSP)4001 Highway 104Ione, CA 95640(209) 274-4911 Ext. 6656; Fax (209) 274-5024Wasco State Prison Reception Center (WSP)701 Scofield AvenueWasco, CA 93280-7515(661) 758-8400 Ext. 6561; Fax (661) 758-7088North Kern State Prison (NKSP)2737 West Cecil AvenueDelano, CA 93215-1821(661) 721-2345 Ext. 6012LIST OF PARTICIPATING DJJ FACILITIESFacilityNorthern California Youth Correctional Center (NCYCC)(N.A. Chaderjian Youth Correctional Facility) (O.H. CloseYouth Correctional Facility)7650 Newcastle RoadStockton, CA 95215-9663(209) 944-6365Ventura Youth Correctional Facility (VYCF)3100 Wright RoadCamarillo, CA 93010-8307(805) 485-7951 Ext. 3310; Fax (805) 983-3520Revised 5/18/20167

Security Overview & Laws, Rules and Regulations Regarding Conduct andAssociation with State Prison InmatesThe goal of the Correctional Institution is to keep the public safe by keeping personscommitted to custody confined and to afford those individuals with rehabilitative activities.The following is a summary of security regulations and information that generally apply toall institutions. Upon starting at your institution, be sure to obtain more specific informationand training applicable to your work site.Basic Rules No alcohol, drugs, weapons, explosives, tear gas or tear gas weapons may be broughtonto prison property. Use of tobacco or tobacco products on the grounds that house or detain inmates isprohibited and must be secured off grounds. No cell phones, personal electronic devices, glass bottles/containers or metal utensilsmay be brought into security perimeter. All vehicles must be secured; have ignition switches in locked position, keys must notbe left in any vehicle, windows must be rolled up and doors locked while oninstitution or community correctional facility grounds.Dress & AttireAppropriate attire is clothing that does not present a safety hazard to employees orcontractors while performing their duties and clothing that is suitable in the presence ofinmates. Clothing must be neat, conservative and consistent with the type of work beingperformed and the setting in which work is conducted: No blue denim pants, shorts, shirts or jackets. No blue chambray shirts, jackets or pants. No blue sweatshirts. No orange (Reception Center) pants, shirts, jumpsuits or shorts. No yellow rain coats or rain pants. No light gray, white or off-white No fabric made in such a manner to resemble blue denim material or state issueinmate clothing. No camouflage. No transparent clothing. No tank tops/sling shot tops. No strapless, halter, spaghetti straps and/or bare midriff clothing. Tights are an acceptable alternative to hosiery for wear under dresses or skirts;however tights and spandex type materials will not be worn in lieu of slacks.Identification CardsEvery contractor is required to have valid picture identification such as: California‟s DriversLicense, Identification Card or Passport. A lost CDCR identification card is considered avery serious breach of security and you are to report it immediately to a Custody supervisor.Revised 5/18/20168

Security OverviewPlease check with your institution for additional policies in regards to CDCR identificationcards.Primary Laws, Rules and Regulations Regarding Conduct and Association with StatePrison InmatesIndividuals who are not employees of CDCR but who are working in and around inmateswho are incarcerated within California‟s institutions/facilities or camps are to be apprised ofthe laws, rules and regulations governing conduct in associating with prison inmates. Thefollowing is a summation of pertinent information when contractors come in contact withprison inmates: Persons who are not employed by CDCR, but are engaged in work at anyinstitution/facility or camp must observe and abide by all laws, rules and regulationsgoverning the conduct of their behavior in associating with prison inmates. Failure tocomply with these guidelines may lead to expulsion from CDCR institutions/facilitiesor camps. SOURCE: California Penal Code (PC) Sections 5054 and 5058; CCR,Title 15, Sections 3285 and 3415. CDCR does not recognize hostages for bargaining purposes. CDCR has a “NOHOSTAGE” policy and all prison inmates, visitors, and employees shall be madeaware of this. SOURCE: PC Sections 5054 and 5058; CCR, Title 15, Section 3304. All persons entering onto institution/facility or camp grounds consent to search oftheir person, property or vehicle at any time. R