UNIVERSITYOFCALIFORNIAHuman ResourcesHR Strategic Plan2015-2019

VisionStrategyTacticsTransactionReaction Somethinghappens we have tofix External influencedrives action CrisismanagementTiming:NOW Set of stepstriggered by anoccurrence Dominated byrules andstandards Typically oneright answerTiming:Completedin 2-3 days Target setRoad map toachieve it in place atstart Road map maycontaincontingencies thatdon’t requireconsultation Multiple targetsor initiatives Involves a seriesof aligned tactics Incorporates themovements ofmultipleunits/functions Usuallyincorporates oneunitTiming:One monthto 2 quartersTiming:One year or more “The headline” The ideal FutureState Incorporatesoperatingenvironments,philosophy and wayof doing business Takes intoaccount externalperception of anentityTiming:Is probably neverfully realized in allaspects“RegeneratingImprovement”

Benefits Programs & StrategiesStrategic Themes: Align programs to meet the various markets reflecting the changing workforce at theUniversityMission: Manage and create a health benefits strategy and programs that enhance the well-being of ouremployees/retirees and their familiesSTRATEGIESSO THAT Control costs and create value foremployees through plan designFocus on giving employeeschoices and alternativesRecognize critical nature of UCmedical enterprise with regardsto pricingProvide a consistent level ofservice for all employees ( HealthCare Facilitator function) FUTURE IMPLICATIONSWe establish programs that are market competitive and sustainableWe more effectively partner inshared outcomes with UC medical enterpriseWe communicate clearly onchoice, value and accountabilityJanuary 2015Stabilization of cost curveEmphasize employeeresponsibility in a lesspaternalistic cultureUC Medical Enterprise becomes acore health provider and assumesa role in stabilizing the cost curve

Compensation Programs & StrategyStrategic Themes: Align staff compensation programs with relevant markets (particularly total cash).Promote understanding of compensation at UC, and recognize compensation as a competitive tool todrive organizational results.Mission: Provide tools to managers to administer programs in a fair, efficient and consistent manner.Create and deliver robust education and training to managers and employees regarding compensationprograms and the role of these programs at UC.STRATEGIESSO THAT FUTURE IMPLICATIONS Establish and implement marketbased system-wide compensationprograms and practicesImplement and communicatecommon frameworks for positionevaluation and performancemanagementStreamline, simplify and automateprocesses and procedures We are able to respond to ourrelevant marketsWe drive consistency of practices,set appropriate review andmonitoring systemsProvide timely, accurate data tothe campuses, President and TheRegentsWe balance all other types ofrewards within a total packageJanuary 2015 Moving toward market alignmentallows us to make competitivetalent choicesPredictable pay practices will driveinternal credibility to help usattract and retain talentMoving to more strategic approachto compensationA sustained excellent workforceand university

Employee RelationsStrategic Themes: Operate as an excellent employerMission: Build an environment of employee engagement, empowerment and involvement wherepeople can offer their best; equip managers with tools, resources and a policy framework thatfacilitates an effective operating environmentSTRATEGIES Have Employee Relations (ER)strategies lead Labor Relations(LR) strategiesContinue to distinguish thefunction of ER from LRIncrease interface with nonrepresented employeesAcknowledge the importance of aregular salary increase programContinue to build a culture thatembraces performanceSO THAT We build a healthier UC culture:one of self reliance andaccountabilityWe increase employeeengagement and satisfactionWe continue to improve ourreputation with all employeesThe dialogue between themanager and employee isfrequent, open, honest andsupportiveEmployees feel valued andappreciatedJanuary 2015FUTURE IMPLICATIONS Sets the environment to attractand retain the best talentDrives productivity byincorporating employeesatisfaction and engagementAn enabling culture that fosterstrust, respect and inclusion ofdiverse ideas

HR Compliance and HR PoliciesStrategic Themes: “Inspect what we Expect”. Achieve positive benefits of compliance efforts .Mission: Promote culture that is compliant with regards to various HR policies, programs and processesSTRATEGIESSO THAT FUTURE IMPLICATIONS Integrate technology into complianceactivitiesIncrease educational and awarenesseffortsPosition compliance as an efficiencytoolLook for new ways to resource the HRCompliance functionFully integrate complianceexpectations within the policyframeworkAppropriately standardize theexecution of HR policy provisionsDevelop clear understandable HRpolicies that balance the interests ofboth management and employees We use readily accessible data toprovide assurance to leadershipWe extend best HR practicesthroughout UC and minimize financialand reputational riskFollowing the rules fosters greaterefficiency and reduces unnecessaryexpenseThe implementation of policies &procedures conform with regulatoryand HR policy requirementsHR’s accountability is enhanced byfollowing HR policiesEmployees understand the value ofpolicy provisions and supervisors canimplement fairlyJanuary 2015 A culture of greater accountabilitySavings from addressing risks of noncompliance can be re-deployedDoing things right builds trust andintegrityThe first and preferred course ofaction is to follow HR policies in wordand spiritEnhanced workforce awarenessregarding the value of the terms andconditions of employment at UC

Labor RelationsStrategic Themes: Creating a predictable, respectful, compliant, labor relations environment; alignmentand consistency with the overall employee relations strategy based on proactive open communications.Mission: Facilitate the achievement of university/campus/location and operating objectives whileproviding support, information, and services to leadership and management. Achieve systemwideunderstanding of our contracts and awareness of our unions’ objectives.STRATEGIESSO THAT FUTURE IMPLICATIONS Foster more frequent opencommunications Promote managerial and leadership’sknowledge through training Align standards in approach betweenEmployee Relations and LaborRelations Begin laying the foundation for futurebargaining now via open dialoguewith our unions Resolve labor disputes and issues atthe lowest possible level We proactively discuss and resolveissues, build trust and avoidallegations of bad faith We minimize grievances, arbitrationsand unfair labor practice charges We create a consistent standard oftreatment across employee groups We have more timely efficientbargaining with fewer surprises at thetable We build upon the relationships andtrust between employees and theirsupervisors, creating a more openempowered working environment. A continuation of labor peace andstability A more stable productive operatingenvironment with fewer conflicts andcrises It is neither an advantage nordisadvantage to be represented ornon-represented We avoid operational disruptions andcreate a foundation of mutualinterests wherever possible.January 2015

Retirement Programs & ServicesStrategic Themes: Leverage enhanced technology and self service to improve and expand the RASC service modelconcept so that employees can best understand, plan for, and access the UC retirement plans and the RetireeHealth Program.Mission: Create, manage, and administer retirement programs and services that reward long service and helpprovide for post-employment income and healthcare. Deliver the value through a state-of-the-art retirementprocessing center and self-service experience that helps employees transition to the next phase of their lives andthat supports retirees and their survivors.STRATEGIESSO THAT FUTURE IMPLICATIONS We reduce transactional work toimprove efficiency and maintain thecompliant operation of these valued,integrated programs Scale concept andadministrative efficiencies forother centralized HRtransactional work and services RASC Staff is trained and motivatedto provide accurate and consistentservices Bench strength for futureleaders through successionplanning and talent retention UC maintains a competitive,strategic advantage to attractand retain talent High caliber workforce thatexecutes our institutionalpriorities Continue to integrate the retirementadministration service center (RASC), actuarialservices and pension & retirement programs toprovide a comprehensive suite of services.Enhance the customer experience throughimplementation of enhanced technologies withan emphasis on self-serviceChange culture through a shared vision toprepare and develop RASC staff for upcomingchangesPromote recognition of UC’s post-employmentbenefits as integrated parts of the employeelifecycleJanuary 2015

Talent Management & Staff DevelopmentStrategic Themes: Programs to better manage human capital, the University’s primary assetMission: Design an approach, strategies and programs to hire, deploy, develop and retain the best peoplein their respective fieldsSTRATEGIESSO THAT FUTURE IMPLICATIONS Acknowledge the critical nature ofTalent Management current state,outlook and challenges across UC Establish discipline and best practicesaround a culture of talent management Facilitate conversation and developmentof succession strategies to preparefuture leaders for management andleadership across UC Establish diversity as a key pillar to ourtalent management strategy Provide tools, systems, processes andbest practices that prepare us forinternal and external environmentalchanges Build capability among HR professionalsto be more active talent managers UC creates an environment whereorganizational opportunity meetsreadiness of individuals UC has a comprehensive andcompetitive Executive Recruitmentfocus UC improves our status as a preferredemployer by becoming competitive inthe marketplace UC develops leaders and providessubject matter experts and providesadvancement opportunities for both UC leverages our internal talent pool UC measures, recognizes and rewardshigh performance results UC adapts to new tools and technology UC strategically defines our workforce We’re prepared for the impact of thechanges in the talent landscape We’re prepared to compete for toptalent We’ve identified career opportunitiesfor talent of the future, with benchstrength and succession plans for keypositions We attract and retain the best andbrightest talent and help thembecome successful The employee’s lifecycle experience isefficient, positive, consistent, as wellas integrated into UC cultureorganization-wide and locallyJanuary 2015

HR Systems & DataStrategic Themes: Acknowledge the critical role of technology and systems in various aspects of HR work.Mission: Advance the use of technology and systems to drive data-focused decisions.STRATEGIESSO THAT FUTURE IMPLICATIONS Leverage transition to UCPath to centralizekey HR transactions and centralize datacollection.Recognize one system of record forworkforce data in functional areas ofBenefits, Retirement, Compensation,Employment and Training.Partner with locations and s-wide IT todeploy HR systems, tools and resources toenable and better prepare HRprofessionals.Deploy s-wide systems, tools, technologyand resources to enable employees to bemore successfulProvide locations with tools to do localanalytics. Key HR transactions are performedconsistently and in compliancewith regulations.We are able to plan, analyze,communicate, measure andrespond to the intelligence foundin the data.We make policy and programmaticdecisions based on data andpredictive indicators.Enhance HR professionals in theirknowledge of analytics and how toutilize the dataJanuary 2015 Systemwide and locations are ableto manage resources more closelyand timely.We easily comply with all legalrequirements.We are better able to see trends inthe workforce and other areas oftalent management and strategicallyplan to address.We operate as a data-drivenorganization for planning and indecision – making.UC is positioned to benchmarkourselves against the externalmarkets and our competitors